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  • Earthquake Early Warning System

    This system, which uses th ELPAM EL3000 hight-powered electronic siren, provides acoustic early warning in states of outdoor emergency, such as earthquakes. The solution includes monitoring, detection, warning and audio broadcasts.
    Using sesmic detection systems, short-term alerts are generated before the actual arrival of the destructive tremors, alowing time to prepare and perform emergency operations in addition to the local sensors, the ELPAM siren systems can integrate with international (NOAA or NWS) and regional monitoring systems as well.

  • Siren System - EL3000

    The EL3000 is a high-powered electronic siren that provides notification warnings in states of emergency. It can be used for real-time transmission of voice messages as well as brodcasts of all types of audio messages. The EL3000 sirens interface with external systems, such as weather stations, chemical, biological and radioactive contramination sensors, wather-level gauges, as well as control elements of road traffic signaling systems. The volume of the EL3000 electronic siren contains several interfaces, such as RS232, LAN (TCP/IP) etc. Supplementary modules include Wi-Fi, GSM/GPRS, radio control, POCSAG, RDS, satellite, etc.

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    Nuclear, Biological, amd Chemical Threat Early Warning System

    This system, which uses the ELPAM EL3000 high-powered electronic siren, provides acoustic early warning in states of emergency, such as threat of nuclear, biological or chemical outbreak. The solution includes, mitoring, detection, warning message to all residents in the threatened areas

    Boiling lava in Kilauea Volcano

    Volcanic Eruption Warning System

    Volcanic eruptions can be predicted by this system, which monitors seismic activity and recognizes increased levels of Sulphur dioxide and decreased pressure of magma as it nears the surface. When there is an imminent threat of a volcanic eruption, the system sounds a siren and broadcasts an advisory to residents to take immediate safety precautions. The solution includes both the sensors and the siren systems. Monitoring and detection can be performed through a national or local network of sensors that are connected to the siren system

    Flash Flood Water

    Flood Early-Warning Systems

    This system monitors the water level of the relevant river at different points, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. He system can identify an increase or decrease in water level and flow rate of the river. That information is sent in real time to a central command controller, typically the entity changed with prevention and management of local disasters., which will activate sirens to alert communities living near the river bank. The sirens and audio broadcasts can reach communities at distances of up to a five miles radius. Broadcast warnings should be provided in English as the local language.

    Landslides & Snow Avalanches Early Warning and Monitoring System

    This comprehensive system can be installed in hazardous areas to detect avaianches, warm approaching motorists, and alert maintenance personnel working in the area. Comprised of a sensor assembly? a radio communication system and a controller, the system installed on automatic weater stations and a danger zones. Alarms are transmitted via radio, internet, outdoor siren system, SMS or modem by phone call. Monitoring and detection can be

  • Tsunami Warning System

    ELPAM Electronics Ltd. provides a system to warn residents of tsunamis. The System, which uses the ELPAM EL3000 high-powered electronics siren, provides acoustic early warning in states of outdoor emergency. The solution includes minitoring, detection, warning and audio broadcasts In addition to the local sensors, the ELPAM siren systems can integrate wuth international (NOAA or NWS) and regional monitoring systems as well

  • Prison Security System

    Elpam provides secure solutions for all types of indoor and outdoor prison facilities. Our solutions enable guards to monitor and track inmates, detect illegal activities, isolate, and control violent incidents, and prevent intrusion to secure areas. Elpam brings reliable field-proven technology backed by professional expertise and "real world know-how" to safeguard any prison facility and detection center.

  • Protecting Safe Rooms and Bank Vault

    Safe Rooms and Bank Vaults are always vulnerable to attack by thieves who gain entry by breaking through the walls of the Safe Rooms Elpam system covert security system, aimed to protect vault installed at banks from terrorism, theft and damage. The system provides a versatile, highly reliable and cost effective security solution by detecting the introduction attempt before the intruder has entered the protected area. The system combines a local vault protection (Indoor) and perimeter protection structure (Outdoor)

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    Hand Held Metal / Weapons Detectors - HHMD

    These compact, portable and easy-to-carry are used to detect weapons and other metal items hidden on the human body and in packages. The HHMD series has several alarms options, such as audible alarm, visual vibration and with headphones. The detectors have extended battery life. Optional accessories include: kit with pouch, measurable detector sensitivity and charger for 8 HHMD

  • Mine Detector - 605H

    The reliable and consistent 605H uses highly-sensetive metal detector (MD) technology to detect all kinds of metal mines and objects buried in the ground, such as anti personnel (AP) and anti-tank (AT) mines. The system maintains this level of performance across all environmental conditions and soil types

  • Trapped Person Locator - TPL 310D

    The TPL 310 leads rescue teams quickly and efficently to the victim, saving precius minutes of fruitless searching. It detects vibration or movements from trapped people above and below ground, and locates them. Typical applications include detecting and pinpointing the location of trapped persons in cameras is to which there is no normal access, like collapsed buildings and terrain, caused by natural of manmade disasters.